Below is an archive of examples of work I have completed during my time studying music business at Full Sail University


Below is an infographic created to depict what makes movie goers loyal to a movie. This infographic was completed by studying the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”:



Below is my current market analysis for marketing and artist development firms. This includes my own take on the music industries market, as well as factual evidence and research on its technical state.

Market Analysis

Below is my overall sales projections for a new venue venture. The projections are based on a startup venue that span over the course of two years. The overall projections are broken up over six different documents separated by its specific category.

Capital Expenses

Income Statement

Sales Projections

Marketing Budget

Capital Investment

Cash-Flow Statement

Below is a press release completed for a fictitious artist and album release. The press release includes information in regards to the music release, as well as promotional events planned around it.

Fictitious Artist Press Release

Below is a “sizzle video” completed for the Los Angeles-based indie rock group Hartwick Pines. The video is meant to be used as a short promotional/advertisement piece for the artist.

Hartwick Pines Sizzle Video

In January of 2017, I launched my first business venture – a marketing management firm named Aeroa Creative. Below you will find a brochure created detailing my business start-up.

Aeroa Creative Brochure

Below is a short student film that was scored by myself along with two other team members. My role in the project was to sync the music to the video and balance the audio and transitions.

Scored Student Film

Below is a promotional plan created for a fictitious artist. The promotional plan outlines the actions and timeline necessary for an independent artist’s new music release and the events surrounding it.

Fictitious Artist Promotional Plan