Aeroa Creative


In January of 2017, Jason Hirt launched Aeroa Creative.

Music is the only thing on earth that has the ability to transcend our reality. Regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity, when you hear a song that connects on an emotional level, the reaction is one and the same. It is this idea that keeps Aeroa Creative pushing forward everyday, developing opportunities for our client’s art to be heard and seen by the people that want and need it most.

Aeroa Creative is a marketing management firm operating out of Minneapolis, MN, with specific focus in the music industry. The mission of Aeroa Creative is to understand and protect our artist’s vision, and to create innovative solutions that will develop the brand of the artist in relation to their vision, all while achieving goals and successes that matter most to them.

We believe that every serious artist starts creating for the same reason – to make something that is greater than themselves, and to communicate a message through that art. Every project we take on is treated with careful attention to detail, and with the utmost respect for the artist’s vision. Our goal is to provide resources that will lend to the artists success and take their artistic vision to new heights.

Envision // Begin

“Aeroa Creative is the culmination of everything that has built me up and led me to where I am currently at in my career. It’s an opportunity for me to use the tools and knowledge I have gained over the years to build a network of talented artists around me, and to foster an idea that I’ve carried with me for the last 6 years of my musical life.” – Jason Hirt